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Each one of the El Nido Tours A, B, C, D will take you on a journey to explore a specific part of the islands surrounding El Nido. You will discover beautiful and preserved islands, clear water lagoons, white sand beaches, snorkeling sites and their hundred of fishes and coral species…

To put in a nutshell, the island hopping tours will introduce you to everything that makes El Nido such a tropical paradise. It definitely is a must-do while you spend your vacations here!


el nido-coron expedition


Our Expedition is not all adventure and camp fires,

It is a food trip too!

Enjoy the best of Filipino Dishes made out of the freshest ingredients we can find!

Blue ocean, beautiful untouched white sand beaches, beautiful sunset in the horizon, a clear water to swim steps away from where you are sleeping, the sound of the waves, underwater so alive never before seen in your entire life. Welcome to the adventure of all adventures-Palawan Expedition. ​



linapacan tour


The very best of Palawan, in between El Nido and Linapcan Group of Islands. An unique adventure camping trip experience, only the best islands in the world.

" Dubbed as one of the clearest water that you can swim in the world "


fishing tour

Experience fishing like no other, fish with locals. A great way of learning how local fishermen lived their daily lives, out in the vast oceans. Know how to catch fish the traditional way, using traditional tools. 

A Fisherman, lives their life one day at a time, catching only what they needed, to sell and for consumption



Tour A, B, C, D

Tour A, B, C, D


Sunbathe or take a dip in our infinity pool; sip your favorite cocktails, gaze the awesome Bacuit Bay from our bar, resto, and pool; confer with co-working travelers, hit the road to Nacpan Beach, Duli Beach, Nagkalitkalit Falls & main town - go to all the island hopping tours!
There's never been a boring moment with us!

Bike Tours

Nacpan Beach On A Bike:
A Ride To Paradise
Ride with a motorcycle to one of El Nido’s most priced treasures,
Nacpan Beach.

Nacpan Beach is a 4km. fine creamy white sand. Its pristine waters are a clear perfectly situated some 23km away from the crowded town of El Nido.

Please ask Front Desk for Motor Bike Rentals.


Island Hopping Tours

A tour of El Nido wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Lagoons and Beaches. A must see sight for all El Nido guests and other travelers alike. It is a place where we can just relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of exploring the hidden wonders of Bacuit Bay.

Please approach Lexias Front Desk for Schedules and Tariff

Do Nothing!

When traveling, you have so much time to do...nothing! Our hammocks and bamboo sofas are the best places to read a book, enjoy a cold beer...or do nothing!

Sunbathing in

El Nido's only "truly" Infinity Pool"

Our “point-of-view: the hostel’s infinity pool, sunbathe on lounge chairs by the deck. Listed as the best destination in the world by Tripadvisor, El Nido’s Bacuit Bay remains magnificent and awesome-watch it at the deck on our awe-inspiring infinity pool.

Glorious Sunset 

 Sunset is the ultimate part of the day; the music mood changes to house...Ice-cold beer and cocktails sets the mood!

Games & Good


Billiards pool table, Dart board, Tables games, you name it...everyday is never a boring day!